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Sustainable solutions for South Florida gardens and landscapes

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Water Wise Landscape Solutions

Sustainable solutions for South Florida gardens and landscapes

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Design & Installation

Our team will assess your current landscape and consult with you about desired uses of each space.

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Bio Fertilization

Train your soil to feed your plants! Ditch the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and harmful chemicals

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Retro-fit your existing irrigation system with drip irrigation and start saving money and conserving water today!

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Rain Water Collection

Are you looking for the ideal water source for your precious, organic fruits and vegetables? Look no further we can help.

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Other Services

Water Wise Landscape Solutions offers complete gardening system setups for your gardening needs.

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Living Walls

Living walls can grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, orchids and tropical plants etc. Indoors our out.

Reasons to collect Rain Water


Rainwater is the purest form of water available. 

Rainwater comes naturally filtered from the sky and is considered ‘soft’ – free of salts, minerals and chemicals – unlike municipal and well water which contain additives and are considered ‘hard’. Additives can be deposited into the soil disrupting the mineral-nutrient balance. They can also be difficult to remove. Rainwater is also slightly acidic which most vegetables prefer. Plants love healthy soil.

We all need to lessen our dependence on municipal water.

50% of potable water in South Florida is used for landscape irrigation. Rainwater collection and reuse, along with Florida-Friendly landscape design, can have a very significant impact on both the current and future availability of our drinking water.

Reduce storm water runoff and pollution.

Excess rain water that lands on our yards and roofs is often channeled into our streets where it picks up contaminants and ends up in our canals, streams, lakes and oceans where it can have a very detrimental effect on living organisms and aquatic habitats. Additionally, by slowing down runoff, rain water is able to naturally filter through the earth and cleanly recharge our aquifers.

Best of all, its FREE!. Once a rainwater collection system is installed on your property, it will continue to provide pure water as long as it continues to rain.

Some Interesting Facts

Using the latest technologies to supplement what Mother Nature provides for us can have very significant benefits.

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Estimated amount of US residential water used outdoors, with over half of it going to landscape irrigation

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Average Rainfall Per Year In Florida
(measured in Inches)

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Inch Of Rainfall Over A 1000sq.Ft. Area Yields In Excess Of 600 Gallons Of Water

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GALLONS – Amount of water wasted annually in US households with an automatic landscape irrigation system that isn’t properly maintained and operated.

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Water Wise Landscape Solutions

We deliver sustainable irrigation and landscape design/install solutions to South Florida gardens and landscapes with the ultimate goals of saving homeowners money on their water bills, preserving landscape aesthetics, and helping to conserve one of our most precious resources - water.

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