Bio Fertilization

For use on both lawns and planting beds. Safe for people, children and pets, even immediately after application.

Train your soil to feed your plants!

Ditch the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and harmful chemicals. Go organic! Build the health of your soil microbiome over time with the introduction of living, beneficial microorganisms (bacteria and fungi). Once established, these microbial colonies significantly increase the biological activity and bioavailability of nutrients in the root zones of plants. Restore your soil fertility today!

A healthy soil results in less water requirements, less pollution from nitrogen and phosphorous run-off (help save our rivers, lakes, oceans and marine life), healthier and stronger plants, and reduced harmful effects of bad microorganisms in the soil (nematodes).

Best yet, required applications will decline in frequency over time once a healthy soil has been achieved, saving you money in the long run.

Bio-fertilizer treatments are further enhanced with the application of organic fertilizers in the form of earthworm castings. We can even get you started composting to achieve desired results much faster.



Bio Fertilization Healthy Soil

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