Rain Barrels

Are you in search of the purest, most sustainable, and highest quality source of water for your fruiting trees, vegetables or ornamental plants?


Slow it down!  Installing a rain barrel near a downspout is a simple and effective way to collect rainwater for re-use in the garden using either hand watering or a pump.  Each Rain Barrel installation includes a thorough site analysis, discussion, placement, all plumbing fixtures, pressurization, testing, and demonstration to get you up and running the same day. You will also have our ear for about an hour, so feel free to ask us any gardening question you would like!


Step-by-Step Rain Barrel Installation Before the rain barrel is installed the run off from your gutter is not being collected to be used in your garden or for irrigation purposes. After a simple and effective installation you are ready to capture natural rain water to use in your garden.

Save money on water bills, conserve our natural resources, decrease pollution and increase your yields.

“Go Green” with your new custom rain barrel

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We deliver sustainable irrigation and landscape design/install solutions to South Florida gardens and landscapes with the ultimate goals of saving homeowners money on their water bills, preserving landscape aesthetics, and helping to conserve one of our most precious resources - water.

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